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Wednesday, 27 October 2021

The Bedroom again

I am getting there with the bedroom.  I filled a glass jug with some juice and placed a few items on top of the dresser.  The 'juice' I poured from a gel candle (not wax, but gel), which liquifies when it is heated.  I also put a few little seed beads in, which should have sunk and floated in the 'juice', but I wasn't quick enough and the gel had set again.  No big deal, it looks good anyway.... 

I took the photo in 'Scroog's room' as it
shows up better than in the cottage bedroom.

This will be all for a while.  I am still looking for the little cauldron which has disappeared and I am working on a knitted blanket for the bed.  I will take my time finishing that one...

In the meantime, look for updates on my Florist blog.

Monday, 25 October 2021

The bedroom

Having worked on my miniatures and my blogs only intermittently over the years I must have missed a few things here and there.  One of them is my lovely witch! I have never shown a picture of her and she is beautiful.  I don't have a very clear picture of her yet, but this will do for the moment:

And I decided she really needs a bedroom so she can have a good rest at the end of the day.

I've shown you the chest of drawers in my last post.  Since I have added a rug and a bed with mattress.

The rug was a print I have had for ages.  The bed I have made a long time ago as well.  It was meant for a miner's cottage that I am probably never going to build anyway, so the witch can have it.  It is a metal bed, soldered with the help of a template we were given.  It was a workshop at the club.  The mattress I have made only a few days ago, having copied another one from a workshop I did years ago. It helps when you have stuff lying around...

That's it for the witch's cottage.  Further work was done on the Florist in the meantime.

Monday, 18 October 2021

Return to the cottage

It's been far too long since I have worked on my cottage.  So much has happened since I put the crows on the roof....(and I have lost one since...)  The complete story would be too long and too boring, but the short version is that after 2010 I have moved house again.  I have a new and bigger hobbyroom and after a bit of persuasion by my (new) husband I am trying to find time and interest again in my miniatures.  

My first step on all levels is to do repairs (moving house is never ideal if you have dollshouses) and then finish off some of my projects.

The cottage was nearly finished downstairs, and my lovely witch didn't have a bedroom yet.  After some repairs (the roof corner was one of them) and painting a little table, I am starting upstairs.  The cookpot in the fireplace and the cauldron in the front were damaged when my cottage was on display at a local museum.  I have repaired the cauldron, but can't (yet) find the cookpot.  

The table on the left still needed a coat of paint

And this is what it looks like now

I couldn't find the little mouse after moving house.  It was hiding:

I have also bought a crystal ball since my last update:

I believe I never showed the finished wall shelving:

And this then is going to be the start of the bedroom.  I had this unsightly, cheap piece of furniture.  Normally I don't like to use those, because the are not really to scale and rather ugly, but.... with a bit of sanding and a coat of paint I transformed it for a good-enough piece for the witch's bedroom.

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Crows on the roof

A witch's cottage wouldn't be a real witch's cottage without crows on the roof (methinks) so as I sat down yesterday to start working on my owl I decided to make a few crows as well.  With better results I may add, therefore I am not going to show you my owl yet. :-)

I was too impatient and took the pictures before I'd finished with them, but the legs still need to be painted black and the glue, if it dries up too messy, I will paint in the colours of the roof.  I have not tried to put feathers on (as I am going to try to do with my owl), because I like them just as they are.  Good enough for me. :-)  (and everyone else I hope) I have been the perfectionist for too long...

I also want to welcome a new follower: Usvis/Kissapiika from Finland at Kissapiian paja.  Welcome and I hope you'll find something of interest on this blog, if not on my other blogs...

Only a short update today.  I am going to try and see if I can make my owl into a feathered friend....

Bye for now


Wednesday, 22 September 2010

It's been a while...

It's been almost a month to be precise, and I have been busy.  Well, busy holidaying, busy whale watching..... :-)  However, I have worked hard as well, because after we arrived back home from our holiday I had to get my witch's cottage ready for display.  Our club had Open Day on the 19th, and I had decided to finally show off with a few items.  Just before I left on holiday I had poured the resin for the water outside the cottage so it would have time to set while we were away and there wouldn't be a chance of me putting fingerprints all over the 'water' while waiting impatiently for it to dry....  I have been in a hurry while taking pictures so I apologise for the quality:

After that something funny happened.  We were preparing to get the cottage on a kind of turn-table, you know, a 'lazy-susan' and needed to fit a battery pack underneath, so I was going to lift it up from its crate on which it stood while I was working on it.  I lifted it.  Well, I tried!  I couldn't remember it being so heavy!  Tried again.  It wouldn't budge.  Know what happened???  The resin had seeped between the base and its frame and had set on top of the crate, so in effect it had glued the whole frame to the crate.  Luckily we could prise it loose without too much damage...

While I was at it I have taken a few more piccies of the inside:

This was just enough for the display, although I am still working on a few bits and pieces.  When I have finished downstairs there's still upstairs to do as well.  It's probably going to be Eucalypta's bedroom, but to be honest, I am getting a bit weary of working on this project.  I'd rather do something else for a while, so when downstairs is finished I'll move on to something else for a while.  In the meantime, this is what I have done today.  It's a chest filled with odds and ends.  My mind wanders off now and then and I was thinking about the locks and keys that I had bought the other day.  Suddenly I needed a chest which could be locked and here it is:

In front is a little rug, printed on paper and I liked what I saw, so it's going to be printed on fabric and will go into the cottage as well.  Next is the little wall table in the corner that needs to be finished and my scariest plan is to work on the owl.  I have bought beautiful feathers and I would like to try and make it into a real owl, but I'm scared that I can't pull it off.  Well, there's only one way to find out.  Do it!!!  I'll let you know the outcome....

And then over to all my new followers that I have neglected for so long.  So first a warm welcome to a few new friends and not so new friends, because there are a number of people that are also following my other blogs.  In that case, welcome again.  And who are they?  I am going to say hello to:

Bastrota from Germany at Bastrotas Blog,
Tori, my daughter-in-law to whom I also have said hello on my other blog.  She doesn't have a blog, but is an excellent scrapper when she's got the time between family, work and study!
Ana at Mi mundo en rosa,
Otterine at blog,
Susy at Susy cottage,
Jaime Folk at A Little roomer by Jaime,
M Carmen Casanova at Mini shabby,
Beatrice at Les miniatures de Béatrice.

Be sure to visit the blogs.  There's so much interesting stuff.

Furthermore I noticed a few people for whom I couldn't find a blog or website.  I would love to show them, so if you do have one, please let me know and I add them to the list.  A warm welcome also to you: Yayin, Catherine and aproshkina.

And of course I am happy to see so many followers.  I know we've passed the 100 already, and even before my other blog got that far, but I find it very difficult to think of a giveaway for this blog, staying in the theme of witches.  So please bear with me, when I have finalised the draw for my other blog I will try and come up with something for this one to thank you all for showing so much interest.

That's all for now, I'm off to bed...


Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Spell Candles

Eucalypta got up early this morning and when she stepped out she discovered a full box of spell candles on her doorstep.  There's a choice of black or white ones.  Don't know what the difference is (except for the colour LOL), but Eucalypta will know!

As you can see I always have problems with applying decals.  The 'spell' has gone from the candles. ;-)
Well, let's say it got damaged in transport....

This will be the last item for a while, as I am going away for a few weeks and when I come back my witch's cottage is going on display at the Brisbane Club's Open Day on the 19th of September.  I had hoped to have it finished, but I'll just have to call it 'work in progress' at little bit longer.  I received the clear resin for the swamp last week, so want to have a try and finish that before I leave, so it gets plenty of time to set.

I have noticed that the number of followers is rapidly approaching 100.  I am thrilled.  I will have a giveaway (and will also welcome my recent new followers), but that will have to wait till I am back from holidays.  I am still thinking of something suitable. Ah well, I've got plenty of time to do so while I am relaxing away from home. :-)  In the meantime I would also like to tell you that I so much appreciate all those comments.  Everybody is so kind.  That's what keeps my blogging going.  It's nice to know one has so many friends out there in blog-world.

See you all

Monday, 23 August 2010

And there is still heaps more space

The cottage only has the one room downstairs.  You would think that it can be filled easily, but I keep finding more space, more stuff in my containers and I keep having all those ideas in my head. So, I've been working hard again. ;-)

Let's see, what are the latest additions?  I have taken a lot of pictures tonight.  I am tired and the light isn't the best, so I'll just post all the piccies I have.  Easier than sitting here and trying to make a choice.  You be the judge of which you like most. :-)

Two canisters made to look like they are made of enamel and two old leatherbound books.

A series of pewter items that I've been painting to look like china.  The pewter isn't Warwick, so not the best quality, but once they're in the cabinet you won't see much of it anyway.

Long ago I have tried my hand at wood turning and this stand was the result, but I never found a use for it.  Well, the owl did!  He's been sitting in my containers for just as long I think and was happy to be let out....
He was sitting on a stack of books, but it was all pottery stuff, so didn't look good.  A router got rid of the books and I've placed him on a stack of real books.  He looks much happier now.

This picture isn't very sharp, but I am not going to take it again. ;-)  It's near my bedtime!!!  It's also a pewter item that has been sitting in my containers for jonks.  It must be really hungry and in search of something to eat.

These mice have already found their diner.... Aren't they cute?  I bought the set at the Convention in New Zealand and knew just where they were going to go: right next to the mouse hole in the wall!  The table is just a place holder at the moment, to fill up the room and next to it an old carpetbag with some paper rolls and a skull.  The things Eucalypta comes home with!!!

Same picture, but with different lighting.  Too dark I think.

A picture of my favorite corner again.  I have now added the little cookbook on the chair.  Eucalypta is a bit like me.  Has no imagination whatsoever when it comes to cooking. ;-)

I don't know if you can see it in the picture, but the mushrooms on the board are the same as the mushrooms in the cookbook!  Actually, it worked the other way around.  I first found the picture of the mushrooms (through the Graphics Fairy site) and then made the mushrooms to look like the ones in the picture.

Just a pretty picture with the sun shining in...

And another one through the front window.

And last but not least, two pictures of the magic wand.  It's laying on the table, but I thought I'd take a separate picture, because it was a bit hard to see on the table.  It's simply made of a toothpick, a fancy bead and a glitter stone.  They were in the stash of beads and things Jody sent me. 

It's later than I thought.  I'm off to bed and will welcome my new followers tomorrow.

Bye for now