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Wednesday, 27 October 2021

The Bedroom again

I am getting there with the bedroom.  I filled a glass jug with some juice and placed a few items on top of the dresser.  The 'juice' I poured from a gel candle (not wax, but gel), which liquifies when it is heated.  I also put a few little seed beads in, which should have sunk and floated in the 'juice', but I wasn't quick enough and the gel had set again.  No big deal, it looks good anyway.... 

I took the photo in 'Scroog's room' as it
shows up better than in the cottage bedroom.

This will be all for a while.  I am still looking for the little cauldron which has disappeared and I am working on a knitted blanket for the bed.  I will take my time finishing that one...

In the meantime, look for updates on my Florist blog.

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