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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Part 9 - Working at home now

From here on I am working all by myself, trying to remember the instructions from the workshop. Oh well, not to worry, I have taken plenty of notes and I have also armed myself with lots of pictures of Rik's cottage, so I won't get lost that easily! Here we go:

the chimney painted and half theroof finished
roof done on one side
close-up of the dormer roof
roof ridge finished
close-up roof ridge
rock and brick work 1
rock and brick work 2
rock and brick work 3

Part 8

building the chimney
dirtied interior - right corner
dirtied interior - left corner
the front door finished
ready for shipping

And this is where the workshop pictures end. The cottage was shipped back to Australia and from then on I was on my own with the notes I had taken during the workshop. So follow me on my quest to finish this lovely cottage with its quirky chimney......