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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Part 19 - 20 April 2010

This is going to be a very brief update, because I am tangled up in a huge job.  But, you know what Eucalypta is like......  You don't?  Well, I do!!!!  I mentioned a book of spells and a magic wand the other day and she's been bugging me ever since.  So, I made her a book of spells.  It's ready for her on the table. 

"It's no good to me without a magic wand", she says.  Well, she'd better start catching up on some reading, because the magic wand might have to wait a while.  I had a real cute idea in mind, but I needed a special punch.  I'd bought it at a craft show last year and it was sitting in a box till I knew what to use it for.  It just so happened that it broke the very first time I used it (yesterday).  A disappointment to say the least, but a good reason for Eucalypta to learn some patience! 

The book, by the way, I have designed and printed out myself.  Although the words are in classical print, they can be read by us humans, however one would need strong reading glasses or a magnifying glass....... It wouldn't be any good to us anyway, because what do we, simple human beings, know about spells?  Just ask Eucalypta.

And now I'm going back to my other job.  I am conducting a workshop on paperclay in July and haven't even finished the prototype for it.  To save time I need casts for a lot of parts and I am presently learning how to make moulds and casts.  Slow going, but I'm getting there.  That's half the fun of this hobby: learning new things and new techniques. See you around.......

Monday, 12 April 2010

Interlude - 12 April 2010

A warm welcome to all my followers. I only recently noticed that the number has increased to a huge 20! I feel very honored and I hope that you all will be suitably entertained by Eucalypta the witch. She's sort of taken over my blog now she's involved in furnishing the house, so I don't get much say in it any more ;-) Probably just as well, because at heart I am not a witch person, so it's very hard for me to get inspiration past building the cottage and landscaping the bit around it. It's slow going, but I hope that one day Eucalypta will be living happy for ever after in her abode.....

See you next time and have a nice day.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Part 18 - 11 April 2010

Well, Eucalypta is happy. She finally got her table. She'd been muttering for some time now that: "A table would be handy...." hint, hint......, but there just wasn't the right kind of wood to be found around her house. So, when she heard that I was going to Tasmania for a holiday, she jumped up and cried: "Ooohhhh, you can bring me something reaaaaaly nice. There's this Huon Pine that grows there. Bring me a piece, pleaaaaase????" Well, what can you do? Of course I brought her a piece and all she needed to do was fix some legs and supports underneath and there it was, a beautiful 'bush' table.  She's just finished polishing it with real bees' wax

table top made of Huon Pine

And while I was taking pictures of the new table I discovered that she'd already added some more stuff she hadn't told me about. Or, was it my memory playing up again???? Anyway, she's got a cooking pot over the fire and some brass ladles. I noticed a bunch of keys hanging on the corner post as well, so next thing will be: "When will you fix my door????" Just wait for it.......

the new cooking pot

brass ladles

"I need some mandrakes now for cooking....."

Now she's asked me for some mandrakes for the soup now her cooking pot is hanging. There's just no end to all the jobs she finds for me...... (I thought she wanted to do everything herself, but it appeared to be only the furnishing so far)

Anyway, I think I'll make a book of spells and a magic wand next, so she can create her own things without harrasing me.

See you next time.......