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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Again a Warm Welcome to....

...a few more followers, or may I call you friends.  We all share the same interests, don't we?

First of all a warm welcome to a 'real' friend (as opposed to a 'cyber' friend), Ria from The Netherlands.  Ria is the producer of all those lovely flower and plant kits that I can't seem to get enough of and use everywhere I can in my miniature scenes. She doesn't have a blog, but if you're interested in her kits, look at her site called VaRIAatjes. Lovely to see you here Ria.
Next there is Kat Hazelton aka Kat the Hat Lady.  Have a look at her wonderful witch hats, and of late, matching witch and wizard sets including: shoes!  Welcome Kat.
And there's also Jana Wichmann with no blog that I can find.  Do you have one Jana?  Would love to see what your interests are.

Apologies for my lack of updates on this blog, but it's just not happening.  Still being tied up with a workshop project that eats up all my time.  Hopefully finished soon, because I would love to go back to working on my witch's cottage after having been inspired by so many people with wonderful inspirational blogs.

Friday, 21 May 2010

The last ones, and a few newbies :-)

I hope to finish welcoming the last in the row of followers and also a few newbies that I discovered this morning..  Here goes (again)....

A warm welcome to
Kate from Surrey, UK at Whittaker's Miniatures
Debbie from Wales, UK at Tiny Treasures and Happy Anniversary to you!
Julia also from Wales, UK at Bear Cabin Miniatures - Congrats on the lovely cottage that Hywel made
Rianne from Sauerland, Germany at Das Strunzertaler Volk - Trollen, mmmmm, very cute
Nikki Rowe at Witch & Wizard Miniatures - one of my earliest followers and you can't get any more witchy or wizardy than at her blog........
Jeannette from Germany at Garden of Miniatures - the difference between Jeannette and me?  I make plants, she makes the most beautiful plants......
Ann at Whitch Craft, an inspiring cardmaking site. Cardmaking is my other hobby
And Icubed001, my first follower if I am correct, alas no blog mentioned

Next I want to welcome a few people that I know personally (and one at least I had lost sight of for a while)

Welcome and nice to see you here:
Carolyn from New Zealand at Carolyn's Little Kitchen I had the pleasure of actually meeting Carolyn and seeing first hand the beautiful minis she makes
Denise from Toowoomba, Australia at Deni's Dollhouse Mania - Denise not only makes beautiful miniatures but equally beautiful quilts (full size!)
Klara from The Netherlands at Klara's Blog and
Margriet, also from The Netherlands at My Weblog
Both Klara and Margriet I have known for a long time as Mini Friends from a Dutch List by that name that I have been a member of since the beginning.

My apologies to those who have visited this page before I did the editing.  I had to post it unfinished as my internet connection was playing up again and I didn't want to loose all the information.  So next in line are the latest new followers whom I want to wish a warm welcome as well:

Carol at True2scale
Michelle from Belgium at Michelle's poppenhuizen en Miniaturen
Glenda at Peppercorn Minis
Ingrid from Vlaams Brabant, Belgium at Mijn Droomwereldje

All well worth a visit.  The diversity and talent are great, as usual.

And last but not least to followers who don't appear to have a blog: aurus35 and Kayjay.  If you do have a blog, please can you make it known to us.  I would most definitely pay a visit.

That's all for now.  At least all my followers have been welcomed.  I am going temporarily back to the projects in hand.  See you and please keep visiting.  A friendly (LOL) comment  is also welcome. Don't be shy. ;-)

Bye for now........

Thursday, 20 May 2010


No, not with the work on my cottage, but welcoming all my followers....... :-) They are getting more every day. I am puzzled (but happy LOL), because I didn't think my blog was a very interesting one.

Well, I am going to welcome a few more people that have shown interest:

A warm welcome to:
Rominis from Barcelona, Spain at Romiminis
Silke Janas-Schloesser from Germany at Silke's Miniatures
Lara at Lara's miniature world
Debie Lyons from Birmingham at Piskies and Poppets
Janice from Hertfordshire, UK at On being a mini mum
Michelle at Michelle's Mad World
Alafosca from Barcelona, Spain at Altafulla Miniatures
Lil'la from Kaarina, Finland at Lil'la
Anneke from the Netherlands at Pieplyts
Annie from Denmark at Obsidian Hall
Ira from Finland at Merry Jingle
Jolie from Calgary, Canada at Jolie's Sanctuary

I have had a look at all the above blogs and after that it was completely quiet overhere. (Not very unusual since I am living by myself at the moment LOL), but even more quiet then usual, if you get my drift.  Worth well taking a look at altogether........

Then I would like to welcome Garoldhart for whom I couldn't find a blog, and I want to wish Celestial , (whose name really is Alennka) welcome again, complete with her blog addie: Dollshouse Daydreams

This is it for tonight.  Bedtime for me.......  and thanks for visiting my blog.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

May 18 - More Followers to welcome

I am lagging behind and every day I discover more followers of my blog.  I'm thrilled! I really have to pull my socks up to try and get the list done.  Here goes:

Welcome to:
Marleen  from The Netherlands at Marleen's Miniaturen
Jamie Moore at Creepy Creations
Karin F from Canada at Mini Ramblings and Musings
Jody from The Netherlands at Jody's Miniwereld
Monika from Germany at Puppenstubennostalgie
Bozse from Hungary at My Tiny World
Dora at Miniaturas Dora
Lisette from The Netherlands at Lisette's Miniaturen
Mary Williams from the UK at Mary Williams Dollshouse dolls blog
Cheryl from Hawaii USA at A Miniature Place
Carol from Doncaster UK at Starsgemini3
Nina Zabienski from Ruhrpott, Germany at MiniMumm
Hanna & Jaleijona from Finland at Mini Makers
My wee life
The old maid
Sara Carlson  and Susanne, our mystery followers (do you have a blog Sara and Susanne?)

In the meantime I have managed to visit all your blogs and I was blown away by so much talent, so much creativity, so much innovation and so much to learn from all of you.  Thank you so much for following my blog too.

I have also had to edit this posting for the umptieth time due to bad internet connections.  I am giving up for today and hope to have another chance soon to meet the rest of my kind followers.  Thank you all.

Friday, 14 May 2010

May 14 - Welcome

Today I have started to have a look in all earnest at the blogs of all my (amazingly 55 already!) followers.  As I am visiting your blogs I am going to welcome you with a personal message, but bear with me, it will be slow going. :-)  Also, I don't necessarily start with the first ones, because at this stage I have no idea anymore in what order you have found my blog......  As I said before, I feel very honoured that you visit me and I hope the relationship will last for times to come. I was also surprised to see so many blogs in the Spanish language.  Unfortunately it's a language I don't speak or write, but on the other hand, I can 'read' pictures in any language. LOL  Why don't I start with the Spanish blogs first:

Nuria from Alicante, Spain at  I think you've made something to do with a wedding.  I recognised the Playmobil bride and groom.  Those little dolls I remember very well from when my boys were toddlers.  And what a beautiful house, the Roma.  That'll keep you busy for a while.
Carmen at I love your doilies.  Beautiful lacework.  However, I am not sure if it is 1:12th or full size work, but in any case, they're beautifully done.
Ana Anselmo at You match your colours beautifully.  I like your beds and the way you match the fabrics and your quilts are so colourful.
Ascension at You seem to have finished a colourful little scene.  I like it.
Angeles at  Beautiful witch's hats.  I should tell my Eucalypta.  I'm sure she would love to have one like them......  Is Baldu a witch by any chance?
Maria Jose from Valencia at It's amazing how all those blogs differ so much.  Here I see a pretty soap box and even prettier table lamps.  Well done.
Maija at  I saw a picture on your blog of a marvellous dollshouse.
Alienora at Thanks for your comments in English.I don't understand your language at all.  Is it Polish?  I like the work you do and it makes it easier for me to know what it's all about.
Maria at  Maria, such daring pictures on your blog. :-)  Great to be able to share the hobby with your mum.
Dangerous Mezzo at Wonderful work you're doing in Tudor style.  I love it.
Donna  at Oh, I see a Rik Pierce workshop.  You'll have lots of fun for some time to come....... A work of art!
Celestial, Naomi and Christine, thanks for joining.  Do you have a blog?

I managed quite a number today, didn't I?  I have really enjoyed my travels through all the blogs.  Such a diversity and so many talented people. Hope to meet the rest of you all very soon.  Goodbye for now.