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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

New shoes

What's a witch without shoes?  That's what a good friend of mine thought! Nadia came to my workshop at the weekend and had a present for me.  Uhhhh, no, not for me.  OMG I nearly stept on Eucalypta's toes....... (pardon the pun).  A present for Eucalypta.  How she knew her size, I don't know, because Eucalypta is currently packed away, or shall I say: "Not At Home"......  So, therefore I have put her new shoes under the chair near the fire.  When she comes home she'll enjoy nice warm shoes:

They look so lovely.  I am thrilled.  I should be working on the cottage a bit more.  Will do my best!

In the meantime I discovered that in our absence we have gained a few more followers.  I really need to start thinking about a giveway for when I reach 100!!!!

But first things first.  A warm welcome to:

Kriana at Miniaturas Kriana
I think a group of miniaturists (?) at Casitamini (I don't understand Spanish that well ;-))
Karen Casper from near Cologne, Germany at KC Design
Tebbina from Germany (?) at Tebbinas Traum
Lorraine at DflyCreations
Jonna "Rudoo" at Buggaboos
Allyson at Free Spirit Farm
Linda at Linda's Minis

And then there are also Ria van Woggelum who I know, but Ria, I can't remember if you have a website or not.  Please let me know, and there's also Miniaturemaid for whom I couldn't detect a link.  Anyway, welcome to both of you as well.

And this is really it for now.  It's nearly dinner time and I am famished.  See you later.....



  1. Excellent witchy shoes, Marion! Love 'em!

  2. The shoes are fabulous, love them :)

  3. Very cute little shoes for your little witch!!

  4. Wonderful shoes, Marion, I love them xxx

  5. La escena es preciosa, el suelo, las paredes y ese sillón tan desgastado. Enhorabuena. Besos Clara


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