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Friday, 10 July 2009

Part 14

Maroon coloured hydrangea made from a workshopbox that I bought overseas

Good friend and miniaturist Nadia punched all those extra leaves for me so I could 'grow' the ivy a bit bigger

The front almost finished now

Some details added: pumpkins, vegies (fimo), cookbook, laddle (fimo) with 'eye of newt' and bat wings and a jar with 'eye of newt' (to be filled later with a bit of transparent resin)

A wooden bench, a broom and a bunch of garlic (fimo) on the wall

The bench with jar and stuff and the pot with bat wings (the latter made with the help of a very effective punch). Some things are so easy to make if you can find the right tools or materials.......

The garden on the side extended with some more flowering plants, and pansies from a similar workshopbox as the hydrangea. The corner bit is waiting for sunflowers. The workshopbox for those is in the mail, so I am going to have some fun later!


  1. This is so gorgeous Marion Im quite envious!!!
    You make some lovely things!

  2. That´s absolutelly the most beautifull dollhouse i´ve ever seen!!!
    Very very very lovely!


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