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Monday, 5 October 2009

Part 15 - 5 Oct 2009

During three weeks of house-sitting for a friend I had plenty of time for my hobby, hence finished the sunflowers and put in another hydrangea

I told another friend, Bettye, that I had seen a cat that I liked on the internet and what does she bring for me: the cat I had my eyes on!!! Where would we be without all our good friends, in particular when they are miniaturists too..........
And here she is, the new inhabitant of the witch's house. Isn't she cute??? She's a bit tall for a witch and doesn't quite fit in the house, but when everything is finished I am going to place her on the table, a few steps below the floor, so she won't look as tall.

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  1. Het is echt een prachtig huis Marion en ook de omgeving er omheen heb je heel mooi gemaakt!!! Ik vind dat water zo prachtig, net echt!!! Lief katje en de heks....die staat ook bij mijn tudorhuis, leuk koppie heeft ze hè!?
    Groetjes, Margriet


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