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Sunday, 14 February 2010

Part 16 - 14 February 2010

Finally some more work done. It's going ever so slowly, mainly because I am also working on my Florist. However, I've done something and it was very daring indeed. Dear friend and miniaturist Dorothée had given me the lovely white (and woven by her) cane chair in the picture above. I loved it and I wanted to find a good house for it........ And where did you think it ended up? Yes, in the Witch's Cottage! But, it had to undergo a drastic change, because my dear witch (hadn't I better give her a name?) didn't want a beautiful white chair. No, it had to be an old, comfy one! So, I got my paints out, a cup of coffee (so I could spill some!) and a pair of scissors and I set to work. See here the result: comfy and most certainly: old!

While I am putting this blog instalment together I have been thinking about a name for my witch. She's going to be called Eucalypta after the (somewhat nasty) witch from the Dutch (and I believe also British) tv series in the 60s or 70s: Paulus the Woodgnome. Who knows, Paulus might even pay my witch's cottage a visit in the future........ And I think the name Eucalypta is quite appropriate for an Australian witch living amongst the Eucalypts!


  1. Love the chair. How does she get those scallops on it? I like the worn look.

  2. Hi Minka,

    Thanks for your comment. I don't know how she did the scallops. I guess it's a matter of trying to weave a practice piece and try a few different ways - perhaps there's information on the internet about weaving? I am looking forward to seeing your miniature work on your blog..... hint hint ;-)
    Bye for now


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