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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Part 17 - 17 March 2010

Eucalypta the witch appears to be a very headstrong person. She doesn't like me furnishing her house. She's got her own ideas....... Also, she didn't like me telling you that I had distressed that beautiful white cane chair. That was her idea (!) and..... it didn't look old enough anyway. So, here's a better version:

The cushion is worn through and the cat's been pulling out the fillings

Neither does she want to spend a lot of money on furniture. "There's enough wood around the house and in the forest", she says, so out she goes, gathers some wood and grasses and this is the result of an afternoon of hard work (on her part, I hasten to add!): A "bush" chair.

It's not quite finished yet, but she needs to go and find some more wood to stabalise the legs.

Which she has done now, and it looks a lot better (and safer to sit on.......)

She's also found and old rug for the chair near the fireplace and thrown her wrap over the chair. It's hot enough without near the fire.


  1. Oh my... I totally fell in love this project of yours! I've also lost my heart to miniatures but can't seem to find enough time for them. Maybe when the kids grow up :) Wonderful work!

  2. You`ve done a great work!!


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