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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Part 19 - 20 April 2010

This is going to be a very brief update, because I am tangled up in a huge job.  But, you know what Eucalypta is like......  You don't?  Well, I do!!!!  I mentioned a book of spells and a magic wand the other day and she's been bugging me ever since.  So, I made her a book of spells.  It's ready for her on the table. 

"It's no good to me without a magic wand", she says.  Well, she'd better start catching up on some reading, because the magic wand might have to wait a while.  I had a real cute idea in mind, but I needed a special punch.  I'd bought it at a craft show last year and it was sitting in a box till I knew what to use it for.  It just so happened that it broke the very first time I used it (yesterday).  A disappointment to say the least, but a good reason for Eucalypta to learn some patience! 

The book, by the way, I have designed and printed out myself.  Although the words are in classical print, they can be read by us humans, however one would need strong reading glasses or a magnifying glass....... It wouldn't be any good to us anyway, because what do we, simple human beings, know about spells?  Just ask Eucalypta.

And now I'm going back to my other job.  I am conducting a workshop on paperclay in July and haven't even finished the prototype for it.  To save time I need casts for a lot of parts and I am presently learning how to make moulds and casts.  Slow going, but I'm getting there.  That's half the fun of this hobby: learning new things and new techniques. See you around.......


  1. Love it! And that table is to die for! Good job ;)

  2. The table is a lovely piece. Good luck with your workshop presentation.

  3. La mesa es preciosa y el libro te ha quedado genial
    Me gustan muchisimo las escenas de brujas.
    besitos ascension

  4. Only just discovered your blog so catching up with the witch and her cottage. Great job with the book.


  5. Marion - book is excelent! And I love the idea of the table - so simple, and so effective!

  6. I enjoyed reading your blog. You are doing a great job finishing and decorating the house....with Eucalypta's help!
    I look forward to seeing more photos as you progress.

  7. Love the book and that table is amazing.

    Good luck with the workshop.


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