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Monday, 23 August 2010

And there is still heaps more space

The cottage only has the one room downstairs.  You would think that it can be filled easily, but I keep finding more space, more stuff in my containers and I keep having all those ideas in my head. So, I've been working hard again. ;-)

Let's see, what are the latest additions?  I have taken a lot of pictures tonight.  I am tired and the light isn't the best, so I'll just post all the piccies I have.  Easier than sitting here and trying to make a choice.  You be the judge of which you like most. :-)

Two canisters made to look like they are made of enamel and two old leatherbound books.

A series of pewter items that I've been painting to look like china.  The pewter isn't Warwick, so not the best quality, but once they're in the cabinet you won't see much of it anyway.

Long ago I have tried my hand at wood turning and this stand was the result, but I never found a use for it.  Well, the owl did!  He's been sitting in my containers for just as long I think and was happy to be let out....
He was sitting on a stack of books, but it was all pottery stuff, so didn't look good.  A router got rid of the books and I've placed him on a stack of real books.  He looks much happier now.

This picture isn't very sharp, but I am not going to take it again. ;-)  It's near my bedtime!!!  It's also a pewter item that has been sitting in my containers for jonks.  It must be really hungry and in search of something to eat.

These mice have already found their diner.... Aren't they cute?  I bought the set at the Convention in New Zealand and knew just where they were going to go: right next to the mouse hole in the wall!  The table is just a place holder at the moment, to fill up the room and next to it an old carpetbag with some paper rolls and a skull.  The things Eucalypta comes home with!!!

Same picture, but with different lighting.  Too dark I think.

A picture of my favorite corner again.  I have now added the little cookbook on the chair.  Eucalypta is a bit like me.  Has no imagination whatsoever when it comes to cooking. ;-)

I don't know if you can see it in the picture, but the mushrooms on the board are the same as the mushrooms in the cookbook!  Actually, it worked the other way around.  I first found the picture of the mushrooms (through the Graphics Fairy site) and then made the mushrooms to look like the ones in the picture.

Just a pretty picture with the sun shining in...

And another one through the front window.

And last but not least, two pictures of the magic wand.  It's laying on the table, but I thought I'd take a separate picture, because it was a bit hard to see on the table.  It's simply made of a toothpick, a fancy bead and a glitter stone.  They were in the stash of beads and things Jody sent me. 

It's later than I thought.  I'm off to bed and will welcome my new followers tomorrow.

Bye for now


  1. It's all looking wonderful, Marion. I love your favourite corner, it looks so homely :0)
    That photo with the sun coming through the window is superb, I love it. Your owl is great too, its all great :0)
    Julia xxx

  2. Me parece una maravilla!!!
    Las fotos geniales, le dan un aire especial a la casita.
    Me encantan todos lo detalles que has elegido.
    Enhorabuena, un gran trabajo.
    besitos ascension

  3. My fav place is that corner too, your witch will be so at home there! So many new goodies its looking fantastic. Witches houses are the best of fun to fill! Kate xx

  4. I love everything! I really want to make a little one-roomed cottage for an 'old woman' to live in and seeing this today makes me want it more and more! All I need is more TIME!! Still very busy with uni so no prospect of it for the moment, but I can still 'dream' :)

  5. Your cosy nook is just fabulous. I would love to rest my feet there!

  6. Coming together beautifully
    Unfortunately I didnt get to the BMEA open day I so wanted to!!!!
    So I missed seeing your cottage!!!

  7. Thanks all of you for your kind comments. And Deni, you'll just have to come and visit. Your're not that far away....... :-)

  8. Hello Marion,

    I have only one Word for your Witchhouse: BEAUTIFULL :-) The Brickwall inside, it´s all fantastic!!!

    Many Greatings

    Uschi :-)

  9. Hi Uschi,

    Thanks for your comment. Even after all those years I am still happy with my cottage and yes, that brick wall I have always liked too. Once you know how to it's very easy to do and so effective. Happy New Year.


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