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Thursday, 19 August 2010

A few more faces

Generally I don't like repeating things that I have made, but the containers with the faces were so much fun to do that I have made a few more: 

The funny little thing on three legs was supposed to be a cauldron, but I realised too late that the shape isn't quite what it should have been and the little attachments for the handle broke off when I started working on it, so I didn't bother.  I might use it as another pot to grow mushrooms in...

I have also put up the birds houses that I received for my birthday.  I was going to use only two of them, but the I thought, why not, I can hang them on either side of the house...  Should I try my hand at making a little birdie too??? Mmmmm, that requires some thinking.

In the meantime I want to welcome a few more followers.  It always pleases me when I see that there are so many people interested in what I am doing.  So a warm welcome to: Marie at Le Petit Monde Merveilleux de Marie and Jeannette Bashore at JRB Creations who I both have been able to welcome on my other blog as well.  So welcome again!  There's also Joy - Adora Bella Minis with no blog or website that I could detect.  Welcome Joy and do you have a blog or website that I can add?


  1. Those little pots are cute and I love the huge nose on the cauldron!! The birdhouses are just lovely!!

  2. Fantastic faces... I love them! I can easily understand you had fun making them...

  3. Love the faces!
    Yes, go for the little bird! :)

  4. Los botes te han quedado preciosos, me encantan las caritas.
    Podrias intentar hacer algun pajarito para esas preciosas casitas, seguro que te quedan genial si lo intentas.
    besitos ascension

  5. ik vind ze geweldig Marion!!! Vooral die "mislukte" is juist heel erg leuk..weer eens wat anders dan anders :-)
    Mooie vogelhuisjes ook!!!

  6. Marion.... die Gesichterdosen sind ja wunderbar geworden.... musste lachen.

    Liebe Grüße an Dich PuNo/Monika


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