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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Small stuff

I had a bit of spare time this week and tried to make a few things to fill the cupboard, and some other corners and shelves (later) in Eucalypta's cottage.  So I got the Fimo out (and Sculpey and the rest of the clays, because I use all sorts, depending on what I want to make) and set to work.  Admittedly, I have had a good look around at a lot of your blogs to get some inspiration.  Since I don't have any glass jars yet, besides a pot with wild honey that I used 'as is', I had to come up with something else, so if some of you recognise containers, I must have tried (with the emphasis on 'tried') to copy them.  I don't think you'll mind, as I only use them for my own pleasure.  I am not into selling stuff, so won't make any money using your imagination. :-)  Besides, I am not at all good with working with clay and I can only dream of making scrumptious food like I have seen a lot of you people do.  The mind boggles sometimes and I admire everyone who can work so precisely and so small and produces such perfect cakes, cookies, lunches and what not.  Chapeau!!!

Enough of that.  Here is what I have produced:

On top (you can hardly see it) is my first attempt at a skull.  Not very successful, but I may try again....  On the top shelf the jar with wild honey, a fancy jar (bead and finding) and a pottery jar.  I made a few of those to compensate for the lack of glass jars.  On the next shelf down, a few more pottery jars and another one with a funny face.  On the bottom cabinet besides the jars I have tried to make one of those fancy bottles (with a crooked neck), but wasn't so successful.  You may have seen the originals. Oh boy, what a watered down version this one is!  A lot happier was I with the mortar and pestle (a downright copy of the one in my own 1:1 kitchen and I am really happy with this one) and a delightful little blue-and-white bowl.  The latter I was given by a 12 year old girl who really was a miniaturist in the bud.  She made if of a gumnut and I have always treasured it.  It deserves a place in Eucalypta's cottage.  Behind the doors are a few attempts that don't need to go on show!

This is a close-up selection of the containers I made:  I like the ones with the funny faces.  And like the bottles, these I saw on your blogs as well and they inspired me greatly.  I loved them, and I loved making them too. 

This is the little cauldron for inside the cottage that I made of a large bead some time ago.  It was waiting to be filled with some mushroom and herbs soup (including Eucalypta's other secret ingredients), but I had to wait till I could find liquid polymer clay.  Which I did last week, hence the final picture.

And in preparation of the soup Eucalypta has a board on the floor near the fire with a few of her herbs and mushrooms, which are partially sliced.

Of course, she grows and picks her own mushrooms, although these are different from the ones she's put in her soup.  They grow elswhere, a place deep in the forest, only known to Eucalypta.....  The basket I haven't made myself, the bowl I did.

That's it for now.  More photo's to come when everything is in place.

In the meantime I have gathered a few more followers.  That's great.  Just as well I had something new to show, because that's what you're here for after all......  At least, that's my guess. ;-)

So, a warm welcome to Clara again, but now I have discovered that you do have a blog after all: La vida en miniatura (Life in miniature) and the following people who all have blogs worthwhile visiting:

Tabitha at Tabitha Corsica (something for Alice in Wonderland fans).
Lainie Ball at Lainie's Little Things,
Casey at Casey's Minis,
Janny Warnaar from The Netherlands at Art of Mini,
Kim Saulter at It's a miniature life,
Marit at Black Cat Cottage,
and Jan Squires at The Giddy Kipper (I like the name of your blog!)

I hope you all will enjoy visiting my blog as I do yours.  You're all very inspiring.

Till next time


  1. These all look so cute - you should be pleased with the result!

  2. Marion - so well done!!! The cupboard looks interestingly witchy, full of neat things!
    Mr Skull looks as if he's been told a good joke :)))

  3. You have been busy Marion, an interesting bunch of minis. The jug with the fact is very amusing :) My favourite is the bowl of mushrooms.

  4. Gracias por tu bienvenida. Besos Clara


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