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Friday, 14 May 2010

May 14 - Welcome

Today I have started to have a look in all earnest at the blogs of all my (amazingly 55 already!) followers.  As I am visiting your blogs I am going to welcome you with a personal message, but bear with me, it will be slow going. :-)  Also, I don't necessarily start with the first ones, because at this stage I have no idea anymore in what order you have found my blog......  As I said before, I feel very honoured that you visit me and I hope the relationship will last for times to come. I was also surprised to see so many blogs in the Spanish language.  Unfortunately it's a language I don't speak or write, but on the other hand, I can 'read' pictures in any language. LOL  Why don't I start with the Spanish blogs first:

Nuria from Alicante, Spain at  I think you've made something to do with a wedding.  I recognised the Playmobil bride and groom.  Those little dolls I remember very well from when my boys were toddlers.  And what a beautiful house, the Roma.  That'll keep you busy for a while.
Carmen at I love your doilies.  Beautiful lacework.  However, I am not sure if it is 1:12th or full size work, but in any case, they're beautifully done.
Ana Anselmo at You match your colours beautifully.  I like your beds and the way you match the fabrics and your quilts are so colourful.
Ascension at You seem to have finished a colourful little scene.  I like it.
Angeles at  Beautiful witch's hats.  I should tell my Eucalypta.  I'm sure she would love to have one like them......  Is Baldu a witch by any chance?
Maria Jose from Valencia at It's amazing how all those blogs differ so much.  Here I see a pretty soap box and even prettier table lamps.  Well done.
Maija at  I saw a picture on your blog of a marvellous dollshouse.
Alienora at Thanks for your comments in English.I don't understand your language at all.  Is it Polish?  I like the work you do and it makes it easier for me to know what it's all about.
Maria at  Maria, such daring pictures on your blog. :-)  Great to be able to share the hobby with your mum.
Dangerous Mezzo at Wonderful work you're doing in Tudor style.  I love it.
Donna  at Oh, I see a Rik Pierce workshop.  You'll have lots of fun for some time to come....... A work of art!
Celestial, Naomi and Christine, thanks for joining.  Do you have a blog?

I managed quite a number today, didn't I?  I have really enjoyed my travels through all the blogs.  Such a diversity and so many talented people. Hope to meet the rest of you all very soon.  Goodbye for now.


  1. Yes, the Spanish miniatures-bloggers community is quite big and is full of wonderful people (I am Spanish too :) ).
    I love of is looking your witch cottage!

  2. Thank you! I love your Witch's Cottage, it's fantastic!

  3. Hi Marion,
    Thanks for the welcome. To answer your question, I do have a blog. You'll find it here:

    Your Witch's Cottage is looking fabulous!

  4. hi marion, i am not sure if you have another christine, following your blog, but i don't have one yet! i'm really enjoying seeing what others collect and make, at the moment. i keep saying that i'll start blogging soon, but never seem to find the time..... soon, i promise! ps i am from nsw, australia.cheers

  5. Hi Christine, you solved half my problem ;-) Thanks. Pleased to meet a fellow Aussie and thanks for your interest in my blog.

  6. Hi Marion,

    Re the comment you left on my blog:
    Sorry to confuse you. I am both Celestial and Alennka and I can't seem to make blogger use just one name.

  7. Thank you, Alennka. I didn't connect Celestial and Alennka. Problem solved. :-)


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