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Friday, 21 May 2010

The last ones, and a few newbies :-)

I hope to finish welcoming the last in the row of followers and also a few newbies that I discovered this morning..  Here goes (again)....

A warm welcome to
Kate from Surrey, UK at Whittaker's Miniatures
Debbie from Wales, UK at Tiny Treasures and Happy Anniversary to you!
Julia also from Wales, UK at Bear Cabin Miniatures - Congrats on the lovely cottage that Hywel made
Rianne from Sauerland, Germany at Das Strunzertaler Volk - Trollen, mmmmm, very cute
Nikki Rowe at Witch & Wizard Miniatures - one of my earliest followers and you can't get any more witchy or wizardy than at her blog........
Jeannette from Germany at Garden of Miniatures - the difference between Jeannette and me?  I make plants, she makes the most beautiful plants......
Ann at Whitch Craft, an inspiring cardmaking site. Cardmaking is my other hobby
And Icubed001, my first follower if I am correct, alas no blog mentioned

Next I want to welcome a few people that I know personally (and one at least I had lost sight of for a while)

Welcome and nice to see you here:
Carolyn from New Zealand at Carolyn's Little Kitchen I had the pleasure of actually meeting Carolyn and seeing first hand the beautiful minis she makes
Denise from Toowoomba, Australia at Deni's Dollhouse Mania - Denise not only makes beautiful miniatures but equally beautiful quilts (full size!)
Klara from The Netherlands at Klara's Blog and
Margriet, also from The Netherlands at My Weblog
Both Klara and Margriet I have known for a long time as Mini Friends from a Dutch List by that name that I have been a member of since the beginning.

My apologies to those who have visited this page before I did the editing.  I had to post it unfinished as my internet connection was playing up again and I didn't want to loose all the information.  So next in line are the latest new followers whom I want to wish a warm welcome as well:

Carol at True2scale
Michelle from Belgium at Michelle's poppenhuizen en Miniaturen
Glenda at Peppercorn Minis
Ingrid from Vlaams Brabant, Belgium at Mijn Droomwereldje

All well worth a visit.  The diversity and talent are great, as usual.

And last but not least to followers who don't appear to have a blog: aurus35 and Kayjay.  If you do have a blog, please can you make it known to us.  I would most definitely pay a visit.

That's all for now.  At least all my followers have been welcomed.  I am going temporarily back to the projects in hand.  See you and please keep visiting.  A friendly (LOL) comment  is also welcome. Don't be shy. ;-)

Bye for now........


  1. Thanks for the welcome Marion !!! I love your witch`s cottage !!

  2. Thanks for the welcome, Marion. I too love your witch's cottage :0)
    Julia xx

  3. Marion - I've just joined your blog, I'm so pleased to have found it!!
    Am soaking up the cottage posts - wow, thanks for the detail - excellent, and so enjoyable.

    I lived in Upper Hutt for five years, in Silverstream, left a couple of years ago. I wasn't into minis then, though, that bug hit later, and hit hard!! :-)

  4. Thank you for the lovely Welcome and the Anniversary wishes.. xxx


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