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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Again a Warm Welcome to....

...a few more followers, or may I call you friends.  We all share the same interests, don't we?

First of all a warm welcome to a 'real' friend (as opposed to a 'cyber' friend), Ria from The Netherlands.  Ria is the producer of all those lovely flower and plant kits that I can't seem to get enough of and use everywhere I can in my miniature scenes. She doesn't have a blog, but if you're interested in her kits, look at her site called VaRIAatjes. Lovely to see you here Ria.
Next there is Kat Hazelton aka Kat the Hat Lady.  Have a look at her wonderful witch hats, and of late, matching witch and wizard sets including: shoes!  Welcome Kat.
And there's also Jana Wichmann with no blog that I can find.  Do you have one Jana?  Would love to see what your interests are.

Apologies for my lack of updates on this blog, but it's just not happening.  Still being tied up with a workshop project that eats up all my time.  Hopefully finished soon, because I would love to go back to working on my witch's cottage after having been inspired by so many people with wonderful inspirational blogs.

1 comment:

  1. Hello Marion,

    Ups..., if you would like, see my works/interests here.

    Your are beautiful miniatures!!

    Best Wishes


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